Cut, Export and

Commercialization of Mexican  Hass




The avocado is one of the

most nutritional fruits

Contains Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sodium, Zinc, Copper, Manganese, Fiber, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Omega 3;

among others.

We specialized in the production of Mexican Hass Avocado; taking care at all times that the fruit is sold in top condition, free from any disease, with excellent flavor and high nutritional content.


Our orchards have trees that are already part of Michoacan landscape and our product is guaranteed. Avocados are harvested by hand using traditional methods and with special care to have 100% quality Avocado. We use pesticides moderately, we strive to protect the fruit naturally.


We are a responsible company committed to the environment.


Today AvoDíaz® has positioned itself as one of the leading producers of avocado nationwide and is successfully penetrating the international market.

Nutritional properties of the Avocado (100 g)

Nutritional properties (100 g)

Agua  73,23 g

Energía  160 kcal

Proteína  2,00 g

Lípidos Totales (grasa)  14,66 g

Cenizas  1,58 g

Carbohidratos  8,53 g

Fibra  6,7 g

Azucares, total  0,66 g

Sucrosa  0,06 g

Glucosa (dextrosa)  0,37 g

Fructosa  0,12 g

Lactosa  0,00 g

Maltosa  0,00 g

Galactosa  0,10 g

Almidón  0,11 g

Calcio  12 mg

Hierro  0,55 mg


Sodio  7 mg

Zinc  0,64 mg

Cobre  0,190 mg

Manganeso  0,142 mg

Fluor  7,0 mcg

Selenio  0,4 mcg

Vitamina C (Á. ascorbico)  10,0 mg

Tiamina  0,067 mg

Riboflavina  0,130 mg

Niacina  1,738 mg

Á. Pantoténico  1,389 mg

Vitamina B 6  0,257 mg

Folatos, total  81 mcg

Á. Fólico  0 mcg

Vitamina B 12  0,00 mcg

Vitamina A  146 UI

Retinol  0 mcg

Vitamina E (alfatocoferol)  2,07 mg



Vitamina K (filoquinona)  21,0 mcg

Ácidos grasos saturados  2,126 g

Á. grasos monoinsaturados  9,799 g

Á. grasos polinsaturados  1,816 g

Colesterol  0 mg

Estigmasterol  2 mg

Campesterol  5 mg

Beta-citosterol  76 mg

Triptofán  0,025 g

Treonina  0,073 g

Isoleucina  0,084 g

Leucina  0,143 g

Lisina  0,132 g

Metionina  0,038 g

Cistina  0,027 g

Fenilalanina  0,232 g

Tirosina  0,049 g

Valina  0,107 g



Histidina  0,049 g

Alanina  0,109 g

Á. Aspártico  0,236 g

Á. Glutámico  0,287 g

Glicina  0,104 g

Prolina  0,098 g

Serina  0,114 g

Caroteno, beta  62 mcg

Caroteno, alfa  24 mcg

Tocoferol, gamma  0,33 mg

Tocoferol, delta  0,02 mg

Tocoferol, beta  0,05 mg

Arginina  0,088 g

Fósforo  52 mg

Potasio  485 mg

Magnesio  29 mg

Source: USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference

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