Harvesting process


We have several avocado orchards in the state of Michoacan that are in perfect condition and received the care necessary to have quality products. Once the fruit reaches the required percentage of oil and the desired size the harvest begins.


The harvest is done manually by skilled workers that comply with food safety rules. For the fruit to not be mistreated, pointed tip scissors are utilized and care is taken to make the cut from the peduncle to prevent outbreak of fungi and prolong the life of the fruit.



Once cut the fruits are placed in a plastic box in a cool, shaded place later to be carried in plastic boxes to the packinghouse; the selection process of the fruit is done and once selected is manually packed and exported.


Avocados Rancheros ® is our export line. To transport the fruit we care the following factors:


a) Is confirmed that the fruit packed is healthy and clean.


b) To prevent physical damage to the fruit is exported just the right amount for a safe journey.


c) Transport temperature is verified, which avoids effects caused by extreme cold.


d) Travel time is verified to the destination and the journey is adapted.


e) The transport is clean and disinfected before loading product.


f) The quality of the packaging is taken care to preserve avocados in perfect condition until they reach their destination.


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